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Leadership Class of 2022 Project

Leadership Class of 2022 to build Sensory Garden @ Eagle Valley Children’s Home

Leadership Class of 2022 to build Sensory Garden @ Eagle Valley Children’s Home

Each year, our amazing Leadership classes enrich Carson City through their projects. The Class of 2022 has decided to undertake the building of a sensory garden for the Eagle Valley Children’s Home

The Home provides a home-like residential option for Nevada children who need specialized care and treatment. The facility sits behind Carson Tahoe Health n north Carson in a beautiful park-like setting.

The sensory garden will provide these special needs children with an opportunity to enrich their lives through touch and sound which can improve physical fitness, health, mood, and cognition. The class will be converting an existing patio to this special garden and is seeking financial assistance to complete their project. Their goal is to replace pavers, construct a new fountain, paint murals on otherwise plain walls, install a new swing, hang chimes and more. It will be quite the undertaking and they want to do it right – with your help!

KOLO 8 News Story on the Leadership Project

Nevada Appeal Story on the Leadership Project

Thank you to all who have donated to this wonderful project. Donations are now closed. 


On behalf of the Carson City Chamber Leadership Class of 2022, here is a video slide show to show you the transformation of the patio and sensory garden area at the Eagle Valley Children’s Home that you made possible.

The staff and the residents of the Home are most appreciative and will use this wonderful space for many years. I am told that residents already are delighting in watching the various spinners as the wind blows. This once neglected patio has been given lots of love and reflects your kind heart. 



Leadership Project Poster Page 1

Leadership Project Poster page 2

Southwest Gas Blue Team & Trex Company, Inc. Team

Southwest Gas Blue Team (in brown)  Trex Company, Inc. Team (in blue)

Donated Trex Boards being delivered

Southwest Gas Blue Team and Trex Team delivering the donated custom Trex Boards "Conga Line" style. 

Trex Company, Inc. manufactured 60 boards just for this project in a size that matches the current bench slat size, which is a size they don't make anymore.